11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sri Lanka

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sri Lanka

10 Reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known to the world as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” for its picturesque wonders of the Sea surrounding Sri Lanka and sparkle as a tempting wonder in South Asia. Sri Lanka has become a captivated tourist destination not just for it`s mesmerising tropical climate but also for impeccable mountains and rivers, impressive rain forests, spectacular historical places and the culture; not to mention the extraordinary Sri Lankan cuisines. Sri Lanka offers an unforgettable journey for all kinds of travellers within these iconic borders by giving the chance to spend a leisurely vacation ultimately extending your experience to an exciting adventure.


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Tropical climate all year around

Sri Lanka became popular with it`s attractive tropical weather and our country have never experienced any sort of weather extremes. Here in Sri Lanka, everyone can experience a sunny climate and a cosy chilling climate upon travelling less than 3 hours. But sometimes the ideal time to visit Sri Lanka depends on the location that you are eager to travel. The best time to visit South and West coasts and highlands would be December to April and June to November would be ideal for visiting eastern coast specially for surfing.

Conquering The Mist Knuckles 05 Peak Hike Via Bambarella

 The five prominent mountain peaks Of Knuckles Mountain Range

A Galore of tantalising dishes

Sri Lankan cuisines have taken an international recognition because of the unique savoury flavours and mouth-watering spicy combination of snacks and curries mainly featuring rice, string hoopers, pittu, rotti etc. These dishes have their own identity depending on the region that you visit. Southern dishes are much more loaded with spices and other special Sri Lankan ingredients that enhance the flavour of the food making the dinners irresistible and definitely the choice of someone craving for extra spicy taste while Kandyan dishes are combined with some other ingredients and spices to provide a balanced flavour presenting Sri Lankan authentic traditional dishes.

It`s home to some of the rarest animals

This small island provides the habitat for many species of rare animals within the South Asian region and some are only unique to Sri Lanka. Purple face Leaf Lunger, Hog deer, Blu Eared Kingfisher and many other animals including the smallest cat in the world; The Rusty Spotted Cat. Their living zone spread across from national parks to sanctuaries to rain forests.  Therefore, visitors get the chance to enjoy different astonishing landscapes along with seeing and learning about these animal species. Whether you plan a mountain hike or a safari ride, you won`t miss the chance to see many species of rare animals.

Beaches that seem right out of a postcard

These spectacular blue waters has undoubtedly become the main attraction of Sri Lanka. These glorious sun-kissed sandy beaches are bordered with well-grown coconut and palm trees along with many luxurious and economy beach hotels and restaurants. These breathtaking beaches themselves have a lot to offer more than an eye-catching view. Activities such as coral watching, whale watching, boat rides, speed boating and surfing are definitely going to complete your beach holiday. Trincomalee, Hiriketiya, Bentota, Arugam Bay and Hikkaduwa are located along the northern coast towards the western coast and are the most popular beaches in the country.


Get up and close with whales and dolphins

Sri Lanka is a major hotspot and a protected zone for over a dozen of whale species located in South Asia. Kalpitiya and Trincomalee coast line are the most ideal places for whale watching and are recommended by many to choose as a starting point. You can witness the beauty of their dancing and spinning styles alongside an unforgettable boat ride and the best time period to catch these precious creatures in action would be from November to May although they are visible during throughout the year.

It`s gorgeous landscapes and hiking trails

This tropical land takes the popularity for its beautiful set of mountains and rocks; confirming the spot to experience wonderful and adventurous hiking and trekking opportunities. You can start from a simple hike and make your journey to more intense treks to venture in during your tour, witnessing many enchanting sceneries and marvellous flora and fauna. Ella Rock, Knuckle`s ranges, Sinharaja Rain Forest and Belihuloya are some of the most popular hiking and trekking locations in Sri Lanka. These trekking and hiking paths lie along with lots of alluring waterfalls and rivers, mystical caves, breezy grasslands and many other surprises.

It`s an upcoming surfing destination

Sri Lanka is one of the best locations to provide infinite possibilities for thrilling wind surfing. Arugam Bay, Unawatuna and Tangalle beaches are ideally suited for wind surfing and for many other water sports. These lively waves attract plenty of surfers to compete themselves with these turquoise waters and these beaches are backed with charming coconut and palm trees for anyone to take some shade and relax; looking at the calming waters,  having their favourite beverage to enjoy a peaceful sensation. The recommended time period to visit these locations would be from April to October.

Discover millennia of Buddhist heritage

Buddhist culture has flourished in the Sri Lankan nation preserving the Buddhist heritage because of many important historical landmarks, branding the country to have world heritage sites making Sri Lanka as another centre of attraction for tourists. You will be able to witness a lot of antient Buddhist monasteries, temples, sculptures, caves and many other architectural landmarks. Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa regions, Temple of Tooth Relic and Golden Temple of Dambulla are some important locations to unravel the epic history of the Buddhist culture. Dive through these archaeological sites to receive the wisdom of this important heritage making your trip more valuable.

It is the site of the largest elephant gathering


Sri Lanka is the native home to one of three recognised subspecies of the Asian elephant and an elemental part of the Sri Lankan wildlife. The largest of these species of Asian elephants are found only in Sri Lanka and they are desired among wildlife and safari tours. You can observe elephants in their natural habitat in locations such as Udawalawa and Yala national parks and Minneriya upon providing the opportunity to explore enormous amount of wildlife and biodiversity. One of the most unforgettable places is the Pinnalwala Elephant Orphanage which is the nursery and the captive breeding ground for wild elephants and the visitors can observe spectacular activities performed by these elephants.

The Cultural Triangle offers a captivating insight into local culture

The cultural triangle in Sri Lanka is an imaginary construct among three great capitals in Sri Lanka; Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy bordering many extraordinary collection of historical art and architectural structures. Travellers have the opportunity to perceive the knowledge of the ancients in distinguished time periods regions. Up to today people celebrate unique cultural festivals and use different languages that differs from region to region. Visitors get the chance to fit in to our local culture learning different languages, performing ancient greeting gestures and dressing up in tradition Sri Lankan attire.

Health, Wellness and lifestyle

While enjoying your trip, it is vital to keep up with your health and lifestyle to maintain good health. Sri Lankan diet is already comprised of many vegetables enhancing the nutritional value but it is also necessary to focus on exercises and other activities. Aryurveda (the Science of Life) is one of the golden treasures in our country which is the medicinal practising derived from the older generations. Aryurvedic medicines are using all natural resources and packed with  amazing healing methods. There are specialized instructors and trained staff to perform activities such as Aryurvedic body massage, herbal and steam baths and  `Beheth Oru` operation providing best quality care. Try out these therapies to experience the way of Sri Lankan healers.