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Maduru Oya National Park


Maduru Oya National Park Maduru Oya National Park is a national stop of Sri Lanka, built up under

Location: Maduru Oya National Park, Kadirapura, Bandanagala, Sri LankaPhone: +94 273 279 207
Flood Plains National Park Closed nowOpens at 06:30:AM tomorrow

Flood Plains National Park


Flood Plains National Park Flood Plains National Park is one of the four national parks put aside

Location: Flood Plains National Park, Sri LankaPhone: +94 71 707 5266

Angammedilla National Park


Angammedilla National Park Angammedilla National Park is one of the new national stops in Sri

Location: Angammedilla National Park, Sri LankaPhone: 0273 277 017



This is an architectural structure, dating back to the era of king Parakaramabahu I. This structure

Location: watadagaya, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Rankoth Vehera


Rankoth Vehera golden pinnacle is one of the oldest and biggest stupas in Sri Lankan heritage. The

Location: Rankoth Vihara Stupa, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Royal Palace Polonnaruwa


The Palace of the King Parakumba (1153 – 1186) also known as Vijayotpaya/Vijayanta Prasada, is a

Location: Royal Palace of King Maha Parakramabahu, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Parakarama Samudra Resavoir


The reservoir is also known as the ocean of the northern territory. It was built during the period

Location: Parakrama Samudra, Sri Lanka
Gall viharaya Closes in 19 minutes

Gall viharaya


Introduction Gal (g-u-ll) viharaya is one of the remaining relics of the ancient city of

Location: ගල් විහාරය - Gal Viharaya, Nissankamallapura, Sri Lanka