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Adam’ bridge

Adam’s bridge is situated in the Mannar district in Sri Lanka. It was built to connect India with the kingdom of Ravana which was Sri Lanka. This place is connected to the famous story Ramayana. At that time this place was named “Setubandham”.

About the Adam’s Bridge

This is quite a famous place that is visited by many people around the world. The credit of building this mind-blowing bridge is given to none other than the ape army of Rama who helped him in his whole mission is saving his wife Sita from the then Sri Lanka king named Ravana. This is one of the mesmerizing man-made creations in the world.

Structure of the bridge

Many people argue over what it is built some say that it is built using limestones while others state that it is built using coral reefs, a chain of shoals, and earth’s crust.  Researchers also argue over how old the bridge could be while some are stating that it is about 125,000 years old while others state that it is only 3500 years old.

History of the Adam’s Bridge

According to most tales this has been built by King Rama who tried to enter Sri Lanka to save his wife from the then Sri Lankan king Ravana. The reason for this to be named as Adam’s bridge is that in the map which was created by a British cartographer states that Adam used this bridge to climb a mountain to stand repentant on one foot thus leaving a huge footprint in the bridge.

How to Reaching the Adam’s Bridge

From Colombo

It takes about 8hours and 30 minutes to travel by train. The distance is about 246 kilometers this is the fastest and cheapest way to travel rather than in a private vehicle.