Adara Kanda | Paraviyangala

Adara Kanda | Paraviyangala

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About Adara Kanda / Paraviyangala:

Adara Kanda is also popularly known as Paraviyangala or Lover’s Peak. The mountain has a beautiful name depicting it is a mountain of lovers. This is situated close to Belihuloya (at a distance of about 4.8 km) of Ratnapura district in the Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka. It has the height of approx. 1,500 meters.

How to reach the Adara Kanda, Praviyangala:

Once you reach Belihuloya, you need to travel for about 8 minutes along the Colombo – Batticaloa Highway towards Pambahinna to reach the trailhead of Adara Kanda.

Best time to visit and Weather conditions:

The weather condition is manageable as Ratnapura district is usually hot, oppressive and overcast. However, it could rain several times while climbing up the mountain in some months. If you are lucky enough, very clear view of the surrounding could be observed from the summit on a sunny day.

Hike to Adara Kanda:

Adara Kanda is a famous mountain for hiking and camping. There is a Buddhist monastery that you could reach in about 30 minutes on your way up. The traveller would be passing through several pine plots. Unlike other hikes, climbing to Adara Kanda is tireless as it consists of both uphill climbing and flat terrains to give some relaxation for the tiring legs. It is like the traveler would climb up a certain distance and see a flat space where he could even put up a small camp, and then again go through another ascending area and see another flat terrain, until reaching the peak. The peak view is picturesque; one can observe the entire Sabaragamuwa province, Sabaragamuwa University and the SamanalaWewa from the summit.
It is best to start the hike as early as possible and you need to beware of windy weather. You should wear attire covering youself to protect from sun burns. It would take about 4-5 hours to reach the peak and you should carry a big bottle of water and some food items. Adara Kanda could be climbed up without the assistance of a guide by just following the footpath, and you may ask directions from the locals.

Photo courtesy : Onal Karunaratne




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