All Saint’s Church

Posted on April 30, 2019
All Saint's Church

The All Saints Church Anglican Church was established in Sri Lanka with the Colonization by British. It was constructed in the year 1871, leaving it to be one of the oldest churches of Sri Lanka. This church, since its inception, has been hosting many masses and services.

The All Saints Church has been a tourist attraction for nearly 148 years, due to its architectural significance. As you take a stroll in the old Galle Fort, Church in Galle Fort is unmistakable with its gothic columns and the tall standing roof.

Initially, the plan of the Church is cruciform firmly supported on stone columns and arches carved beautifully in timber. Masonry arches built in local Kumbuk and lime mortar are strong enough to last many more years. The Stained – glass work, has been beautifully preserved over the years adding the scenic value of the church.

Because of the high ceiling and the space of the church takes you back in time and also the echoing from the hymns during the mass, creates a relaxing and joyful ambiance.

Throughout the church, you could see many works, carvings, pillars and the altar, done and finished through the Burmese wood. During the evening hours, the light of the setting sun, beaming through the glass windows create a pleasant warmth admits of the cold wind from the Indian Ocean.

Weekly Services

Services every Sunday 9.00 am  (Sinhala)
Service on the second Sunday of the month 11.00 am  (English)

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