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Arippu Fort

Arippu fort is situated in Mannar in Sri Lanka. This is a small two bastion fort which was built by the Portuguese in Arippu naming it as the “Arippu fort”. On your visit to Sri Lanka, the Arippu fort is a recommended place to visit.

About the Arippu Dutch Fort

Arippu fort is about 20 km south of the Mannar Fort. It was built by the Portuguese was handed over to the Dutch in 1658. It was later handed over to the British. It is a small-squared bastion fort. This was also named as the “Allirani Fort” because of a Tamil queen named as “Alli Raani”. She used to reign over Mannar at that time.

History of Arippu Dutch Fort

Fedrick North who came to Sri Lanka in search of pearls converted this fort to his bungalow. It was occupied by the officials under the British Governor. Later this place was converted to a rest house but due to the attacks of LTTE at that time, people abandoned this area.

This also the place where the famous prisoner Robert Knox escaped after being in captivity to the Kandyan kingdom for 19 and ½ years.

How to reach your Arippu Dutch Fort

From Colombo

Follow McCallum Road. Follow Colombo – Katunayake Expressway. Continue on Mannar Road to your destination in Northern Province.

From Mannar

Head southeast on St Sebastian Road. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Medawachchiya-Talaimannar Highway. At the roundabout, you have to take the 1st exit onto South-Coast Road. Turn right

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