Asupini Ella Falls ( Ahupini Ella Falls )

Asupini Ella Falls ( Ahupini Ella Falls ) Claimed

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About Asupini Ella:

There is a fascinating ancient tale behind the name for this waterfall, ‘Asupini’ – ‘Aswaya’ means a horse and ‘Pini’ or ‘Panina’ means to jump, which may be combined to mean ‘the horses jumped over the falls’. It is believed there was a king who had married many queens. Once he wanted to go for a war, he had instructed his queens to wait closer to this waterfall until a flag was raised to announce his victory or defeat. At the end of the war, it was a white flag waved by the king’s soldiers, and all the queens jumped into this waterfall and died. Thus, Asupini Ella is also referred to as Ahupini Ella.

Asupini Ella is about 30 meters in height and originates from both sides of the Raksawa Mountain and is mixed with the Maha River. It is located in Aranayaka, Kegalle of Sabaragamuwa Province. According to ancient Sri Lankan history, this waterfall is used to demarcate separation between the area of Satara Korale and Paranu Kuru Korale. There are also several believes related to this waterfall – some villagers believe there is a treasure hidden inside this waterfall, and others say the waterfall sometimes emits a fearsome roar that lasts for 15 minutes, and it signifies that it will claim a human sacrifice within two months. Whatever said, Asupini Ella is a beautiful and famous waterfall that a traveller should explore.

How to reach the Asupini Ella:

Kandy to Asupini Ella

It is about 43 km from Kandy. From Kandy, you should take the Colombo – Kandy Road and go past Mahakanda, Gelioya up until you reach Uduwella. Drive down Uduwella Road & then turn to Horewala Deiyanwala Road & travel about 200 meters along this road to find Asupini Ella.

Colombo to Asupini Ella

Colombo –> (Hatton Road) –> Avissawella –> Karawanella –> Ginigathhena –> Nawalapitiya –> Dolosbage -> (GampolaRoad) -> Kurunduwatta Town -> Madhagoda Junction -> Uduwella (134 km)

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