Athugala Rock Temple

Athugala Rock Temple

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Kurunegala District is in the North-Western Province of Sri Lanka, locating it in the middle of the country. Many of the tourist destinations of these districts are based on mountain summits, caves, and sacred temples. Athugala is one of the prominent landmarks of Kurunegala. The locals use the name of Athugalpuraya to identify the town.

The rock has derived its name as the rock is in the shape of an elephant and is 325 meters tall. There is a myth of the local in the vicinity that the rock has obtained such formation due to animals turning into rocks not being able to withstand the severe drought.

There is a temple on the top of the rock and also, a big Samadhi Buddha statue overlooking the city of Kurunegala though there is a temple on the top of the cliff, individuals from many faiths visiting the temple to enjoy the hike and the adventurous journey towards the top of the mountain.

One could use the stairs to reach the top of the mountain or could use the vehicle to climb up. Hiking your journey to the top of the mountain is more rewarding than using the car to reach the top. Hiking towards the top of the hill is preferred by many young and old individuals.

The best time to start hiking up the rock is during or after the sunset, as it would give a panoramic view of the Kurunegala city, with the sun setting off coloring the sky in the shades of pink and purple, the busy lights of the vehicles begin to appear followed by the bright lights from the shops and other parts gives a breathtaking view.

As you walk to the top of the mountain, you would be able to get a clear glimpse of the snow-white Buddha statue, which is seen as floating from afar.