Bentota Beach (Ventura Beach)

Bentota Beach (Ventura Beach)

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Bentota Beach (Ventura Beach)

Bentota is located 64km at the south of Colombo in the Southern Western coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Bentota is mainly distinguished for the amazing beach resorts found in the Southern –Western and Southern-coastal of Sri Lanka. You can find two popular twin beaches along the coast in that area. They are called the Benota beach and the Beruwala beach. The Beruwala beach could be found before reaching Aluthgama and the Bentota beach could be seen over the Bentota Bridge. The Bentota beach is surrounded and inundated with the most popular beach resorts in Sri Lanka. Bentota beach is filled with spectrums of fantastic, deluxe, gorgeous hotels which provide great facilities and spontaneity for the foreign tourists. Unlike other beaches Bentota is the perfect place for any family to have long extended vacations in the tropical blue shimmering waters.

Moreover Bentota beach is a perfect spot for water sport lovers, who likes to dive and glide through the sifting waves. The best months to do water sports like; snorkeling, scuba-diving, jet skiing, wind-surfing, water-skiing and deep sea fishing are on October to April, as the waves are much calmer and safe to swim. However red flags will be put up rarely if the currents are too strong. If you have no equipment to go on a joyful swim ride in the deep blue waters there is nothing to worry about. You can buy accessories and equipment for snorkeling and scuba-diving by the nearby stores. Otherwise you can get equipped gear and assistance to diving by certified professionals. Bentota is a place what divers dream of. The main area where all divers go is, to the Canoe Rock. Many locals and tourists go in two different ways. One is by boat where you travel across the blue seas and dive from the boat exploring and enjoying radiant colors of corals and species. Or option two where some locals and foreign tourists start from shore and swim till the depth. If you are a fan of speed and jet skiing, you can water ski and Jet Ski at the lagoon. The lagoon is formed by the famous river in Bentota called River Bentara which connects to the Indian Ocean.

Furthermore Bentota beach is not only just filled with amazing sports and luxury hotels. If you are in search for a romantic honeymoon, Bentota is the place for you. Bentota beach is the most known place in Sri Lanka to have the most romantic weddings. It’s so popular it’s known as the honeymoon destination. Throughout the years many foreign tourists have placed there weddings in Bentota beach. It’s the perfect place for a romantic couple at a gorgeous and a breath taking beach.

On the other hand if you are bored and interested in shopping, Bentota is a great place for you. Bentota Beach is surrounded by shops and stores that provide products in arrays of colors. For example; Batiks, traditional masks, souvenirs, ornaments and gem stones. Bentota also has a great attraction of tourists due to turtle watching. If you are interested just travel 8km down Induruwa beach and you will have a chance of seeing turtles gliding through the quiet waves. Bentota beach is a very unique place as 5/7 species of marine turtles in existence are visited in Sri Lanka. They are mainly the; Green Turtle, the Leather back, the Hawksbill, the Loggerhead and the Olive Ridely.


How To reach Bentota Beach ( Ventura Beach )

Bandaranaike International Airport to Bentota-(via Southern Expy/E01) – About 108.3km (About 1hr 49min)

Colombo to Bentota-(via Southern Expy/E01) – About 85.7km (About 1hr 42min)

Mirissa to Bentota-(via Southern Expy/E01) – About 95.7 km (About 1hr 35min)

Ella to Bentota– About 214 km (About 5h 3min)


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Type: Beach

Surface Elevation: 3 meters (9.8ft) above sea level

Water Sports Rates in Bentota Beach

Best Things to do in Bentota Beach (Ventura Beach)

Here are our best picks for the top water sports activities in Bentota, Sri Lanka. Enjoy the thrilling water sports at Bentota beach activities like water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, jet-skiing, banana ride, tube rides

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