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About Brandy Rock:

Brandy Rock situated in Matale District, the Central Province of Sri Lanka. This rock is 1,130 m in height and formed in a unique shape, also reminds of the Bible rock. You might wonder how this mountain got its weird name as Brandy Rock. Although there are no other confirmed sources, villagers say Western invaders chose this rock to spend time relaxing while drinking Brandy. Foreigners have continued this practice; however, this was made abandoned, influenced by environmentalists and now preserved as another botanical garden affiliated to Peradeniya.

How to reach the Brandy Rock or Brandygala:

The Brandy rock is at a distance of 8.5 km from the Matale town and only takes about 15 minutes to reach the location. The rock is visible even to a traveller passing through Alawatugoda on A9 road towards Matale. However, the full view is hidden by Etigala Kanda, another beautiful mountain nearby. Can reach the Brandy rock via –Mathale -> Etipola route -> Asgiriya division -> Madiwela route -> 3-way junction after passing the tea factory -> Summit of the rock

Best time to visit Brandy Rock and Weather conditions:

Choose a clear day to avoid slippery and muddy roads.

Hike to Brandy Rock:

Brandy Rock is a very popular hiking area. The surrounding is so beautiful filled with greeneries, and you will be walking through them. There are several houses you would see while climbing up the mountain. Hiking is not challenging as there are clear routes to the top. Unlike other hikes, after nearing the summit of Brandy rock, you would see a very scenic forest area connecting with Etigala Kanda. There are also water streams, and this is a highly recommended place for camping out.


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