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Charty Beach

Charty Beach is situated in Jaffna in Sri Lanka. It is a little paradise that is untouched by many people. It is a quiet and peaceful place which is far away from the busy beaches around the area. You will not be disturbed by the noise and busyness like on other beaches.

About the Charty Beach

Charty Beach is located in Velanai which is in the Northern Province. It is just the most stunning beach which lets you chill with its huge waves and peaceful environment. The best aspect of this beach is its beautiful white sand. You can have an amazing day with the palmyra trees on this picturesque beach.

Things to do in Charty Beach

Charty Beach is the perfect place to get a good tan. If you feel the heat is high you can also go and rest in a little hut which is almost all over the beach from place to place. There are small shops that serve delicious Sri Lankan street food which you must give a try. You may also go ahead have a refreshing swim as this place has enough changing rooms for you to come out of your drenched clothes.

How to Reaching the Charty Beach

From Colombo

Take Colombo – Katunayake Expressway and Kandy Road. Then you have to take Mannar Highway to Jaffna.

Take Jaffna-Ponnalai-Point Pedro Road and Jaffna-Manipay-Karainagar Road, Ponnalai Causeway to Beach Road to reach your destination.

From Jaffna

Follow Hospital St to Jaffna-Point Pedro Road. Take Jaffna-Pannai-Kayts Road. Turn left onto Chaddy – Vankalavedy Road

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