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Chundikulam Bird Sanctuary

Chundikulam Bird Sanctuary is situated in Jaffna in Sri Lanka. This is now a bird sanctuary. It was announced as a bird sanctuary back in 1938. This is a beautiful place to watch fauna, flora, and beautiful birds that will soothe your heart and mind.

About the Chundikulam Bird Sanctuary

Chundikulam Bird Sanctuary is mostly surrounded by seagrass and mangrove swamps. It also includes scrub forests, palmyra palm tres, and various kinds of dry zone flora. In this place, you will be able to see various kinds of wildlife such as the common sandpiper, Eurasian curlew, and so much more. You will also see sloth bears, deers, and leopards in addition to saltwater and mugger crocodile.

History of Chundikulam Bird Sanctuary

 After the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka, many sanctuaries in the Northern province were turned into national parks. It was later recommended that Chundikulam Bird Sanctuary should be extended towards elephant pass and Chalai. Somehow in May 2015, the government was successful in announcing that the sanctuary along with the Madhu road, Adam’s Bridge, and delft. Accordingly, it had an area of 19565 hectares.

How to Reaching the Chundikulam Bird Sanctuary

From Colombo

Take Colombo – Katunayake Expressway and Kandy Road. Then you have to take Mannar Highway to Jaffna. Take Jaffna-Ponnalai-Point Pedro Road and Kandy-Jaffna highway to reach your destination.

From Jaffna

Take Hospital St to Kandy Road. Follow Kandy Road. Drive to your destination

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