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About Devathura Falls:

Devathura Falls was previously known as Thevathura Falls, which means Tea Waterfall. It is about 10 meters in height, situated in the Nuwara-Eliya District of Sri Lanka. The Peratas Tea Estate and factory are located above. Watching at this waterfall, at once, the traveller could think this is a branch of the Ramboda falls. This is because the water flows in three cascades, and the lowest part is close to the road at the Ramboda Pass. Only a 10 meter height of the waterfall is visible from the road. The surrounding area of the waterfall is charming, with lots of trees, plants and birds. There are thick vegetation plots extending up to few kilometres above the highway. This waterfall and its location are very popular among tourists due to its fantastic beauty of nature. Another attraction closer to this waterfall is the old Nuwara-Eliya road used before Ramboda Tunnel was used. It is a very narrow road, and would not believe how people used it for so many years.

How to reach the Devathura Falls:

Devathura Falls is about 26 km from Nuwara-Eliya that takes about 50 minutes of travelling. From Nuwara-Eliya you should travel along with the Peradeniya – Badulla – Chenkaladi Highway up to Ramboda to reach the Devathura Ella Falls.

Travel towards Nuwara-Eliya is an exciting journey because of the magnificent view a traveller gets to observe, and Devanthura Falls is definitely one of the best views.


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