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About Dhanigala:

Dhanigala, also popularly known as ‘Alien Mountain’, is situated in a village named Kandegama (means the village on the mountain) in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. This mountain is unique as it has a very flat and round summit within a wall like a boulder. It is referred to as Alien Mountain because the villagers believe aliens land on top of this mountain as occasionally they have seen strange lights coming towards the peak and go back again.

How to reach the Dhanigala Mountain :

can reach the mountain via –Digana -> Mahiyanganaya -> Dehiaththakandiya -> Aralaganvila -> Kandegama -> Dhanigala

Best time to visit Dhanigala and Weather conditions:

The province in which this mountain is situated is most often very sunny, hot and dry. You may not need to be concerned about cold, chillness, fogs or mist. However, it is important to protect yourself from direct sun rays and heat, causing quick dehydration. There would not be any water springs on top of the hill during the dry season.

Hike to Dhanigala:

It is best to take a guide with you. You would observe several caves on your way. It is said there are more than 70 caves, dating back to the 2nd century. It is not a challenging task to hike this mountain, and the view from the summit amazing. Trees cover the pathway up to the horizon other than the Aralaganvila – Mahaoya Carpet Road. One could easily view the reaches of North Central, Eastern and Uva provinces clearly from the summit, including Maduru Oya reservoir.


Photo courtesy by – Mohamed Nazeer & ashan_travelphotographer


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