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About Dolukanda:

Dolukanda, which is situated in Hiripitiya village in the Kurunegala district, is popular for its Dolukanda Raja Maha Viharaya. This mountain is linked to ancient legends. It is believed when Lord Hanuman was carrying the Great Himalaya Mountain, some parts of it also fell on top of Dolukanda; thereby, this mountain is also referred to as ‘Dolukanda Sanjeewani Mountain’. The mountain has herb forests filled with magical herbs with supernatural powers believed to cure any disease. Dolukanda also has greater importance in Sri Lankan history, as there are many ruins on top of Dolukanda and believed to belong to King Walagamba. This mountain is approximately 600 meters in height.

How to reach the Dolukanda:

Dolukanda is located about 20 km north of the district capital of Kurunegala.

It can be reached via –  Colombo -> Nittambuwa -> Kurunegala -> 10th mile post on Hiripitiya road -> Hunupola -> Dolukanda

Best time to visit Dolukanda and Weather conditions:

Usually, the surrounding area is hot and humid. Dolukanda hiking is a bit of a challenging trek due to its weather conditions, and it is always better to climb up with a guide as the walking paths are also not very clear.

Hike to Dolukanda:

On the summit of Dolukanda, Ambalangala, Kalugala and Bowitiya plains, Raksha Muna, Hulang Kapolla and cave, Weheragala, (highest point and ruined pagoda), Herbal forest (where the number of herbal plants can be seen), Maligathenna (where ruins of the ancient palace can be seen) and ponds ( Watakei Pokuna, Dunkei Pokuna, Kaludiya Pokuna ) can be observed and enjoyed.

  • Highly Recommended to take a local Guide
  • Take 2ltr of water per person
  • Beware of snakes and insects.
  • Avoid carrying heavy backpacks

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