Dondra Head Lighthouse

Dondra Head Lighthouse

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Dondra Head Lighthouse

Dondra Head Lighthouse is located in Dondra, Matara. It is also known as the southernmost point of Sri Lanka. It is also the tallest lighthouse of Sri Lanka and many tourists get opportunities to climb the lighthouse if you go in the early morning.

The lighthouse is also the tallest in South East Asia. You can visit the lighthouse after going to the village of Dondra and it is 6km away from Matara city, According to history, the name Dondra means the city of gods. It is one of the most celebrated religious city on the island.  The lighthouse was built during 1887 by UK imperial lighthouse services. The lighthouse was designed, Sir James Nicholas Douglas. Great Britain imported all the building materials of the lighthouse during 1882.

Devundara Lighthouse
Photo Credit: Mia Bártová

The granite rocks were brought from Scotland. The lighthouse was fully completed in 1890. The Hyperradiant lenses were delivered during the 19th century. Still, the lenses have been used and working effectively. It is 49m tall with seven floors inside the lighthouse. The lighthouse has 14 two-panel yellow color windows it consists of 196 steps to climb to the top of the lighthouse. This is one of the international lighthouses running in the Indian Ocean.

History of the destination

Dondra Lighthouse was so beautiful that it was used for movies back in the past. It was used as an inspiration for the1955 movie which was named “Soldiers of Fortune: Pearls off Dondra Head’ which was directed by John English starring John Russel, Chick Chandler, Nancy Gates, Howard Negley, Christopher Dark, Lawrence Dobkin, George Keymas and Dale Van Stickel. The story goes about two men named Tim and Toubo who got to know about a rich pearl bed from a dying man and decided to try their luck at pearl diving.

How to reach the destination

From Colombo

Go on McCallum Road and continue straight onto Colombo – Katunayake Expressway and merge onto Southern Expressway. Take the Akuressa exit and turn right onto Beach Road Matara. Turn right onto Colombo-Hambantota Road and turn left to Dondra Light House Road to reach your destination.

From Matara

Turn right onto Sri Dharmarathna Mawatha and turn right onto Beach Road. Turn right onto Colombo – Galle – Hambantota – Wellawaya Road and turn right onto Dondra Light House Road to reach your destination.

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