Isurumuniya Museum

Posted on February 12, 2018

Isurumuniya Museum

Isurumuniya Archeological Museum is a site historical center situated in Isurumuniya, Sri Lanka. It was set up in Isurumuni vihara in 1984. The exhibition hall is kept up by Department of Archeology of Sri Lanka.

The historical center shows some important bits of models found in vihara premises. The most celebrated internationally design among them is the Gupta styled cutting of Isurumuni darlings which has a place with the fifth century. It is accepted to have been found from the illustrious delight cultivate. The other noteworthy stone models in the gallery are the regal court (or the illustrious family), the Kavata figures, Kuvera Triod, Sculptures of Kinnaras and figures of dwarves.

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