Kebiliththa Dewalaya

Kebiliththa Dewalaya

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Kebiliththa Dewalaya

Kebiliththa Dewalaya is also known as the Maha Siyambala Devalaya. This is a Devalaya aka Kovil which is dedicated to the Katharamagama Deviyo. It is situated in the dense forest of the sector four of the massive Yala National Park.  

About the destination

The Kebiliththa Dewalaya has no fixed buildings but rather a few statues around a small Tamarind tree. It is quite old and about 9 feet in height. Accordingly, to historical sites, this tamarind tree had remained in the same size, and the original massive tamarind tree which was the original home of Katharamagama Deviyo has been destroyed. The tree which can be currently seen is the second Tamarind tree God Katharagama had chosen for himself which was just a small distance away from the main shrine.

The journey to the Kebiliththa Dewalaya

The path of Kebiliththa Dewalaya is quite rough but still, devotees are not discouraged. This is mostly because of the belief that God Katharagama loved to spend time at the premises of Kebiliththa. It is said that devotees shouldn’t use harsh words or act in mannerless ways because it is a sacred path and many travelers had lost their way and had been attacked by elephants. It is quite an exciting and thrilling journey but one must be very careful on their way because not every traveler reaches his destination without coming into harm’s way if he/she doesn’t abide by the rules and follow the manners. The devotees should also keep in mind to wear modestly.

Reaching the destination

From Colombo

Go on McCallum Road. Take Colombo – Katunayake Expressway and Southern Expressway. Then continue on Lunugamwehera – Airport Road to your destination in Kataragama.

From Monaregala

Take Technical College Road to Colombo – Batticaloa Highway. Then go on Colombo – Batticaloa Highway and drive to your destination.