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About Kehelpathdoruwegala:

This is a mountain on the eastern edge of the Knuckles Mountain Range in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. The mountain is named as ‘Kehelpothdoruwegala’ due to its shape resembling a banana tree’s leaf sheath. There are several believes connected to this mountain. It is said King Rawana was made unconscious by an arrow flown from Rama’s bow within this mountain. There is also a strong belief that Kehelpathdoruwegala is protected by a God, ‘Gale Bandara Deviyange Gabadawa’. 

How to reach the Kehelpathdoruwegala mountain

The mountain can reach via –

Mahiyangana -> Ududumbara -> Kalugala -> Udailuka -> Velangolla pathana -> Kehelpothdoruwegala The hiker needs to prepare for a very long hike, where he needs to do lots of walking.

Best time to visit and Weather conditions in Kehelpathdoruwegala :

Kehelpothdoruwegala mountain surrounding is almost misty throughout the year with continuing mild rain. At times, even on a clear day, trails get blurred in quick seconds while you are climbing. There are no clear trails to the peak, and the elevation increases when you proceed with hiking. It is vital to be prepared to tolerate any kind of changing weather.

Hike to Kehelpathdoruwegala:

A hike to this mountain, which has risen above 1,529 meters above sea level, is indeed a hard and challenging task, given its blurred weather and trail paths. The attempt is worth the effort, and the scenic view from the summit is stunning. There are beautiful and unique floras that you could observe while climbing up. From the summit, the views of Yahangala, Gombaniya, Lakegala, Thunhisgala, Randenigala Dam, Rantambe Dam are so delightful. Even the village of Mahiyanganaya is so clear from the top.

Featured Image Credits : Thathsara Munasingha

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