Kithal Ella Falls

Posted on March 15, 2019
Kithal Ella Falls

Kithal Ella (height: 23m) is also, a stunning destination on the must-see list of the Ella town. Although, it is quite hard to find an exact route for Kithal Ella, if you decide to walk along the path of the Ella Station to Kithal Station or use the train services from Ella Station to Kithal Station.

The distance between Ella and Kithal Falls is just 2.4 km via the railway track. This can be easily visited on your way to the Ella rock so there is no need to take detours. Start the hike from Ella railway station along the track towards Kithalella station. Just before the station, there is a bridge which crosses over the stream that feeds the waterfall. Taking a small path towards your right you can reach the base of the fall.

Don’t feel like walking? Take a tuk tuk from Ella town to reach the Kithalella station via Kitalella road. The final stretch of this road is not in a good condition hence vehicles with low ground clearance is not recommended. (Google Maps Directions)

The fall on the top is the most beauty full fall with blue water and shallow ends. During the rainy season, the waterfall is at its best and as beautiful as a snow queen, as it cascades lusciously down in rhythm no other can match. But during the dry season, the waterfall dries up leaving a little stream of water trickling down, which is a far cry from what it is during the rainy season.

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