Kolapathana Falls

Posted on February 16, 2019
LocationMandaram Nuwara
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Kolapathana Falls

Kolapathana fall is a multi-step cascade that is fed by a stream originating from Pidurutalagala forest reserve.  The exact height of the fall is unknown but a rough elevation analysis in Google earth shows that it cannot be less than 50m.

There is a secondary fall to the left which converges with the main fall at the base. The fall is surrounded by steep slopes of Kodiaragala mountain which looms directly above the fall.

Due to the ease of access from the town, this can be considered the main attraction in Mandaram Nuwara. There is about 800m to 01km hike from Mandaram Nuwara town to the fall depending on where you start. See below for more information.

How to get there?

Mandaram Nuwara can be reached via Kandy or Nuwara Eliya.

From Kandy

Proceed on Mahiyanganaya road up to Tennekumbura and make a right towards Padiyapelella. After about 12 km past Rikillagaskada and before Padiyapelella town, you’ll find a sharp right turn with a name board saying Mandaram Nuwara. There are 14km from this point to the Mandaram Nuwara [ Google Street View].

This is quite a narrow stretch and takes about 01 hour to reach the destination depending on the number of vehicles oncoming towards you. As you’ll have to stop and make room for them to pass.

Route: Kandy ⏩ Tennekumbura ⏩ Hanguranketha ⏩ Rikillagaskada ⏩ Padiyapelella ⏩ Ellamulla ⏩ Mandaram Nuwara (61km) [ Google Maps Directions ]

From Nuwara Eliya

The shortest road from Nuwara Eliya is the most scenic as well. The road lies via Kandapola and Ragala. About 3km before Mandaram Nuwara there is a viewpoint to observe the entire valley. Don’t forget to make a stop and snap some shots. [Location]

Route: Nuwara Eliya ⏩ Kandapola ⏩ Brookside ⏩ Ragala ⏩ Gonakele ⏩ Mandaram Nuwara (39 km) [Google Maps Directions ]

Directions from Mandaram Nuwara Town

Once you reach the town, turn right from the junction with the Buddha statue (Bodhi tree). Proceed about 400m on this road and you’ll reach an abandoned tea factory turned in to a car park. Vans and other large vehicles should stop here while smaller cars can proceed up the road to the left.

Take to the narrow concrete road towards the top and take the first road to the right. Proceed to the end of this road where you’ll find a car park and a ticketing office. The trailhead to the fall starts by the left side of this building and there is about 800m to the base of the fall from here. [ Download KMZ file for the trail ]

Essential information

  • Ticket Price: Rs 100.00
  • Opening Hours : 8:00 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Bathing, Drinking alcohol and chaotic behaviour is prohibited.
  • For bathing purposes, use Purahangala bathing spot located at about halfway on the trail.
  • Best time to visit is January to April. It is best to visit before noon.
  • There is a clear footpath to the fall which lays mostly on flat terrain. Please note that if it is or has been raining, the path would be slippery and leeches may present.
  • Do Not litter the place or trail and bring back everything you carry (degradable or not).

How the name came to be?

Mandaram Nuwara has a long history and it was earlier known as “Mandarampura”. Kandyan royal families chose this secluded area as their leisure getaway and also the hiding place from foreign invaders. One day, a royal lady called “Malsara” had decided to visit this fall and had brought her food wrapped around an Arica leaf.

Arica leaf had been used in the early days as a wrapping for its thickness and durability. It is called “Kolapatha” (කොලපත) in Sinhalese. Unintentionally or deliberately she had left the Arica leaf behind (like most irresponsible “tourists” do these days).  The fall at which she left behind the Arica Leaf (Kolapatha) thus became the Kolapathana Ella.

Of course, these are just folklore and you’re sure to hear some another story.


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