Koneswaram Temple

Posted on May 16, 2019
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Koneswaram Temple

Though no proper records are there to indicate under whose patronage the Kovil was designed and built, it is said the Koneswaram Temple was built and had been undergoing many developments since 205 BC. Koneswaram temple, which was established as a tribute to Lord Shiva, holds a statue of gold platted Lord Shiva.

Some legends state that the Legendary King Ravana, who is said to have lived 5000 years ago, along with his mother, was devotees of the Koneswaram temple. Thus, some argue that the temple has been there even before the Aryan Prince Vijaya was exiled to Sri Lanka. Though it is a sacred place for the Hindus, people from many other religions, faiths and believes visit the Kovil premises, to enjoy its scenic beauty, to know more about one’s culture and as tourists.

The stunning temple of thousand pillars is located on top of a mountain, having one route to enter the premises and to leave the premises. The strong windy breeze from the sea would make you forget the exhausting journey to ascent to the kovil. Passing the entrance and the army camp, you could go up to the opening of the Kovil, and from there one should take the hike up towards the base of the Kovil. It’s best that if you could visit the premises before 11 in the morning, by noon, it’s almost unbearable to climb the rock due to the exposure of the direct sun. If you could go during the time of the sermons and offerings to the god, you will be able to experience a different genre of beat in the songs and specially taste the rice prepared from the house of the god for its devotees, as you won’t be able to experience the same from many places in Sri Lanka.

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