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Kurunegala Lake is next to Kurunegala North and is placed in North Western, Sri Lanka. Kurunegala Lake has a length of 3.68 kilometers. It is also known as Rantalia Lake or Kurunegala tank. It is a marvelous water body, that is situated away from the metropolis traffic and on the brink of the main city.

The livelihood of people:­-
  • Kurunegala Lake may be described as the lifeblood of the people of Kurunegala.
  • It is providing water for agriculture while enhancing the natural beauty of the town.
  • The lake occupies a huge part of the city and positioned in the center of the city.
  • Kurunegala Lake is given a facelift during the last numerous years.
  • Today it has a beautiful, easy, and nicely maintained green surrounding.
  • It makes a stunning sight over the city in the days when the lake is full of freshwater after the rain.
  • The modern promenade around the lake provides a tempting atmosphere for a night walk.
Functions held at the place:-
  • Sitting near the lake or walking around it and enjoying the view is, of course, free of price.
  • While enjoying your time in the lake, you could head to an eating place or bar to enjoy the sunset.
  • It must also be kept in a note that the locals of Kurunegala love to hold their marriage ceremonies at this place due to the picturesque view it offers.

Development of the site:-
  • The Urban Development Authority has already undertaken the beautification of Kurunegala Lake surroundings as one of the priority projects intending to enhance the cultured condition of the town while
    the Lake beautification undertaking encompasses 3.5 km strolling track with a cycle lane, planting trees, offering vehicle parking spaces, trimming of existing trees, lights of the project area, etc.
  • The UDA has prepared a plan including the above features and the total challenge cost is very high.
  • Kurunegala city is being developed as the main urban center in the North Western Province.
  • Although the population in the municipal limit is recorded as 30,000, the daily commuter populace is around 0.5 million and the town is growing fast because of facilities available with road linkages.
  • Therefore, it has become essential to offer open areas and recreational and enjoyment arenas to cater to the present and future demands of the population.
  • The UDA being the principal planning agency is guiding the improvement based totally on the town development plan while implementing the action projects.

Lake round in Kurunegala offers picturesque views that shouldn’t be missed by you.


Photo Credit – Onal Travel Notes