Loolecondera Tea Estate (Loolkadura)

Loolecondera Tea Estate (Loolkadura)

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Loolecondera Tea Estate (Loolkadura)

Loolecondera Tea Estate (Loolkadura) is situated in Kandy in Sri Lanka. It is the first tea estate in Sri Lanka. This is the place where the initiative was taken to bring Ceylon Tea to where it is today.

About the destination

Loolecondera Tea Estate (Loolkadura) is situated in the Central Province in Sri Lanka. It was started back in 1867 by the most famous James Taylor. The tea plantation started after the utter failure of the coffee plantation back in the past. James Taylor took initiative and he was behind the success of the now world-famous Ceylon Tea.

History of Loolecondera Tea Estate (Loolkadura)

Loolecondera Tea Estate (Loolkadura)  was in charge of James Taylor who was a dedicated and hard-working person. He was in charge of the coffee plantation at first but after his heads saw that he was a capable man they assigned him with Loolecondera Tea Estate (Loolkadura) to try out tea plantation. This was a huge success but this was also the downfall of Taylor. He was eventually dismissed by the estate management and he died at 57 from gastroenteritis and dysentery.

Reaching the destination

From Colombo

Go on McCallum Road and continue on Colombo – Katunayake Expressway. Take the Outer-Circular exit and turn right onto Colombo-Kandy road. After 3.6 km turn right onto Doluwa road and turn left onto Wariyagala – Illagolla Road. Then turn right onto Galaha Road to reach your destination.

From Galaha

Go on Deltota Watha Road toward Galaha Road and turn left onto Galaha Road to reach your destination.

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