Meemure Village

Meemure Village

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Meemure Village

Meemure Village is a small isolated village in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. It is located 324 km above sea level. You can reach this place through the ‘Hunnasgiriya’ mountain which is part of the Knuckles mountain range. It is a difficult trail from Hunnasgiriya to Meemure. The village receives enough water supply has it receives water from the surrounding waterfalls.

About the destination

The name “Meemure” was formed from ‘Mee’ trees as these trees were surrounding the village. The village has a population of about 400 with 125 families. In the past, these people earned their living by harvesting spice but after the cardamon ban, they live now on Chena cultivation, paddy cultivation, and pepper cultivation.

History of the destination

The village has a history which dates back to 5000 years. Different folklores are surrounding this village. Among them, the most famous one is that there was a King named Vijaya who came to Sri Lanka. On his arrival, he saw a beautiful Yaksha clan lady named “Kuweni”. He was filled with lust for this beautiful woman that he took her as his unlawful wife. She later bore two children but Vijaya then banished her from his place. It is believed that Kuweni lived with her two children in the forest where this village named Meemure is located. The people of Sri Lanka are believed to have been coming to life by these two children. The indigenous people of Sri Lanka in other words the “Veddhas” live in Mahiyanganaya which is just 60 km from this small village named “Meepura”.  Thus this could be solid proof for the folklore to be true. 

How to reach the destination

From Colombo

Take the McCallum road then go on the Colombo-Katunayake expressway and exit from the Outer Circular Expressway. Take the Colombo – Kandy Road and turn left onto Gannoruwa Road. Turn left onto Teldeniya – Werapitiya Road and turn left onto Hunnasgiriya – Meemure Road to reach your destination.

From Kandy

Go on Baladaksha Mawatha to Getambe Kandy By-Pass. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Kandy Road and turn right onto Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha. Turn right onto Makuldeniya Road and turn left onto Rangala Road.  Turn left to Hunnasgiriya – Meemure Road to reach your destination.

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