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Mirissa Beach

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Mirissa Beach

Mirissa is a small town on the South coast of Sri Lanka. It’s located in Matara. Mirissa has an elevation of 4km above the sea the sea level. Mirissa is famous and popular for its breathtaking views and mainly Whale and Dolphin watching. Mirissa is a very popular place due to this and attracts many foreign tourists. Unlike other beaches, Mirissa is well known for being the largest fishing port on the South coast and recognized for its tuna, butterfish, and mullet. The tourist population in Mirissa has kept on increasing from the mid-1990’s. Mirissa is the best place for those athletes who like to jog around the beach in the morning while staring at the rays of colors radiating from the sun and turning the sky into a majestic canvas. Mirissa is the perfect place for foreign tourists and must not be missed. Mirissa is a place where you can be in peace and enjoy the sandy bright golden beach with its warming atmosphere and its blue glistening and glittering water.

Furthermore, if you are interested in Whale watching, Mirissa is a suitable place for you. For foreign tourists Whale watching is a mind Blowing and a beautiful memory to cherish. Whale watching season mainly starts in November and ends in April. The waves are much quieter and calmer during these few months. However, from May to October its offseason, which means you rarely see whales as the waves are more rough and strong and no boats will be sent to the ocean. Normally the tour of whale watching starts around 6 to 7 in the morning. It takes 3 to 5 hours to travel and spot any type of whales. In Mirissa many foreign and local tourists enjoy these beautiful majestic creatures leaping and splashing shiny drops of water. Various types of whales could be spotted in the Mirissa beach. For example like the; Spinner dolphins, sperm whales, short-finned whales, killer whales, flying fish and whale sharks. Although according to guides in Mirissa there is 98% of a chance of spotting a blue whale.

If you are bored and not energized enough why don’t you go for a swim or surf on the beautiful waters of Mirissa? Mirissa is a well-known place for water sports like; surfing, swimming, snorkeling, etc. They are perfectly safe for children from all ages as the water is not deep for a distance of 20 meters. The blue shallow waters is a great place for a walk, but be warned not to go further into the sea as it’s slightly dangerous and deep. Mirissa is an exciting, astonishing, breathtaking, magnificent and overwhelming place to spend an amazing vacation.

Distance From

Bandaranaike International Airport to Mirissa-(via Southern Expy/E01) – About 177.3km (About 2hr 44mins)

Colombo to Mirissa-(via Southern Expy/E01) – About 153.0km (About 2hr 27mins)

Ella to Mirissa – About 187.2km (About 4hr)

Other Details

Type: Beach

Location: Matara District of the Southern Province

Surface Elevation: 4 meters (16ft) above sea level

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