Mulgirigala Rock Monastery

Mulgirigala Rock Monastery

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Mulgirigala rock monastery is a cluster of caves temples situated 16 km northwest of Tangalle of Southern province of Sri Lanka. Lush green forests surround these rock monasteries.

Clamber in sweat up the 500 or so steps, and you’ll encounter a series of seven cleft-like caves on five different terraced levels. Housed in the caves are many large reclining Buddha statues interspersed with smaller sitting and standing figures.

The Mulgirigala Rock Monastery has a series of paintings depicting sinners pleasuring themselves with the forbidden fruit on Earth and then paying for it with an afterlife of eternal torture. Further to the top of the rock caves, 206m from the base, there is a small dagoba with exceptional views over the surrounding country.

As you visit this monastery, the feeling of being lost in the wilderness of the jungle would relax you and help you to get away and be unwound from the stressed, hectic and busy lifestyle. This is a place which can be strongly recommended if you are looking for a quick getaway from the urban lifestyle to spend some alone time to boost your spirit. The lush wilderness and streams flowing across could heal and bring spiritual healing to your soul.