Namunukula Mountain Range

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About Namunukula Mountain Range:

Namunukula implies a meaning of ‘nine peaks’ in the Sinhala language. Located in Badulla, Uva Province of Sri Lanka, it has the speciality that it is the highest peak in the east of Sri Lanka’s southern mountain range stretching from Adam’s Peak. It has a height of 2,035 meters which is also the 12th tallest mountain in Sri Lanka.. The villagers strongly believe that Namunukula Mountain Range is protected by a God ‘Indaka’, and he invited the Lord Buddha to visit this place.

How to reach the Namunukula Mountain Range

Several paths are leading to the Plateau of Namunukula Mountain. The best and easiest route starts at the 3rd Mile Post on Passara-Badulla main Road and can be travelled by high ground clearance vehicle until the mountain base in the Deyangalla division in Glenalpin Estate. The other path is via Spring Valley Mamelee. Turn left at the clock tower in the centre of Spring Valley town and follow this side road which leads to Memalee. After 300 mtrs from Memalee village, there is Nallamally kovil in Memalee village which can reach via Spring Valley. There is a nearby town with the same name Namunukula.

Best time to visit Namunukula Mountain Range and Weather conditions:

It is recommended to climb up the mountain on a calm day in the morning time. Although there are high chances on a clear day, the weather gets more misty and cloudy in the noon and afternoon. 

Hike to Namunukula Mountain Range:

Hiking to Namunukula is undoubtedly a tough steep hike uphill. It is also the best chance to admire the nature as the surrounded forest area is the home for monkeys, deer and wild bears. It is also interesting to observe small shrines of Buddha, Vishnu and Ganeshu on the very top of the plateau.


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