Pigeon Island Temple

Posted on May 8, 2019
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Pigeon Island Temple

Known as “Paravi Duwa” (පරවී දුව පන්සල) in the local language the pigeon island temple is situated in the beach road of Matara city. It is located in the sea connecting the land side through a hanging bridge.

It is also a pit stop for many tourists through the beautiful setting. The hanging bridge is made out of a concrete slab. Tourists need to pay 500 rupees to enter the temple. The beautiful temple covers the whole island, and it is a real-life experience to walk along the bridge towards the temple. It is advised to cover the knees and elbows before visiting the temple.

The bridge was reconstructed along with the time after the 2004 Asian Tsunami. Best time to see the temple during Buddhists holidays but it can be crowded during this period for it is a popular place for locals. Monsoon periods are not suitable to walk to the temple due to high tides and walking along the bridge is a bit risky. You can see the traditional pooja carried out by Buddhists pilgrimages and well-wishers. You have access to public transportation and good local restaurants. The small island of the temple also has coastal vegetation with more pineapple trees. You can visit the location and come back in one day if you travel by train or by bus in the southern express highway.

Featured photo credit: Sahan Perera. Do not reuse without permission.

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