Rathna Prasada

Rathna Prasada

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Rathna Prasada

Rathna Prasada is the name given to the Uposatha House of the
Abhayagiri Vihara Complex. It is built in the ancient city of Anuradhapura.
Monks meet twice monthly at this place on the new and full moon days to
recite Prathimoksha. It is a list of rules which govern the behavior of
Theravada Buddhist monks and they confess their failures in here.

About the destination

Rathna Prasada was built by King Kanitta Tissa. This is something like
what Lova maha Prasada is to Maha Vihara complex. The fact which is
shown by Rathna Prasada is the competition between two sects of monks.
When you look at the size, name, and the grandeur of these places you will
clearly understand this fact.

History of the destination

Back in the past when one sect of monks named Maha viharians called
their building the Copper Palace, the Abhayagians called theirs the Jewel
Palace thus giving this place a name with value. You can guess the size of
this place just looking at the huge stone pillars that are existing up to today.
This site was called the elephant stable because of its huge pillars.

King Mahinda II rebuilt this and installed Buddha statues made out of gold.
But these treasures were plundered by south Indians during the time of
King Sena I but not giving up his effort King Sena II once again recovered
all of them.

How to reach your destination

You have to go on the McCallum Road, AC6, and T. B. Jayah Mawatha to
Maradana Road, P De S Kularatne Mawatha, AC19.

Then take the Colombo – Katunayake Expressway, E03 to Canada
Friendship Road, AB9 in Katunayake.

Then take the Ekala – Kotadeniyawa Road, B111, B308 and Kalugamuwa-
Wariyapola Road to Kurunegala – Minuwangate Road, A10 in Wariyapola
and go to your destination.

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