Ravana Falls

Posted on March 22, 2019
Ravana Falls

Ravana Ella Falls, a gem of a waterfall that will leave you breathless at its beauty. Like a maiden on her first attempt to reach her lover, the Ravana Ella Falls cascades down in a rhythm rather gushy rush which is unmatched. It depicts a dropping areca flower as it makes its way down the 40m plunge.

This popular waterfall is the one situated at Bandarawela-Wellawaya Road. It is known as the Ravana Ella. The correct name for the waterfall by the road is said to be Bambaragama Ella.

The legends are many that have even involved “long ago” Kings of India who literally brushed shoulders over their Queens, but the Ravana Ella Falls continued to makes its journey. This “Fall” is linked with the Ravana Cave where King Ramayana’s wife Queen Sita was supposed to have been hidden away by the then King Ravana of Sri Lanka. The real Ravana falls is supposed to be the one above this particular fall we talk of and is not visible to the road.

The dry season makes it a parched waterfall, but during the rainy season it simply overflows and gushes down at an amazing speed. However, tourists have been warned not to venture up the sides of the waterfall due to its slippery nature which could be harmful.

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