Ridee Viharaya (Silver Temple)

Ridee Viharaya (Silver Temple)

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King Dutugemunu built the temple of Ridee Viharaya in the 2nd century BC. As per the legend, of how the Ridee Viharaya was established, in the location where silver ore was found to finance to build the Ruwanweliseya. Ridee Viharaya is primarily a Buddhist attraction, which is located in a tranquil environment with close links to nature. Once you visit the premises, due to unsecluded location and not known among too many devotees’ quality, this place is not as crowded any other areas.

As per the legends of Mahavamsa and Ridee Viharaya Asna, it was stated that the temple of Ridee Viharaya was built as a tribute and salutation to the merchant who helped the king with the constructions of the Ruwanweliseya by discovering the iron ore. The prominence of the temple is that, its location. The temple premises, the reclining Buddha, SamandhiBudda, statues are both inside the Viaharageya, which is in the heart of the caves.

The archeological significance of this temple is that the Ridee Viharaya entirely built on stones and stone carvings. Furthermore, the ivory carving of the doorway holds significance in this temple.

The shape from the dense trees and the secluded nature of the temple is ideal for an individual to come and clear his / her mind and to start their life fresh.

Furthermore, it is recommended, for an individual to visit the temple premises during the Esala poya or any full moon poya day, as the fragrant smell from the incense, the bright light from the oil lamps and pirith chanting would make an individual be lost in another dimension, allowing him or her to disconnect from the busy work and to focus on the inner or spiritual wellbeing of a person. It is one of the critical destinations for Buddhist clergies. The best way to reach the place will be the train journey coming from Colombo.