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Does anybody like to have a day with venomous snakes in Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is a key location when it comes to rich biodiversity. Known as a biodiversity hot spot in the world Sri Lanka is home for 112 snakes where 5 venomous snakes can be seen in the land and another 10 poisonous sea snakes can be seen in the sea.

Sri Lanka is home for various snakes such as kraits, pythons, cobras, vipers, blind snakes, vine snakes, keel-backs, racers and cat snakes, etc. You can see all of these species on the snake farm in Sri Lanka, situated in Matara Weligama area near the surfer’s location. You have to walk 8km from Weligama on the route of Thelijjawala.

All these snakes in this area are there on a temporary basis, receiving shelter when they will be handed over by the villagers.

The snake farm is also a house for Ayurveda treatment for snake poisoning. The center is operated by father and son who are both ayurvedic doctors in the country. Normally 20-40 rescued snakes are brought to the center on a daily basis. Tourists can enjoy handling nonvenomous snakes such as pythons, cat snakes, and beautiful flying snakes. The venomous snakes can only be observed as they are handled by reptile experts. Holding snakes is an unforgettable experience, and although some may feel queasy you can enjoy the experience as you are in the midst of trained professionals.

There are many poisonous snakes in Sri Lanka and they are mainly found in the jungles or in the interior of the country. Some may not find snakes alluring, but touching them is an experience one should go through, mainly because these snakes through poisonous in the wild are not so within the sanctuary that is their habitat.

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