The Central Point Economics Museum

The Central Point Economics Museum

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The Central Point Economic Museum

The building has an exceptionally wonderful and majestic Greco-Roman engineering and is in 2011 was obtained by the Central bank of Sril lanka for protecting our conventional legacy and unique archeological value.It has turned out to be one of the essential point of interest of the city.The gallery is kept up and taken care by the correspondence division of the bank.You can see the coins, cash from antiquated circumstances till now.The old artifacts,paintings from the outstanding and prestigious painters are likewise accessible there,you will be suprised to see the lovely model that delineates the deal framework and feature how the banks came into existence.The presentation additionally incorporate the figure of a lady decorating the Kandy snared coins, and the coins of Anuradhapura era.It fundamentally portrays the business history of the old period.The understudy of ecomomy,bankers, scientists frequently visit this exhibition hall for there advancement and research purpose.The understudies can likewise purchase an exploration paper worth rs 800 that portrays and gives all the vital data about the historical backdrop of the monetary heritage of the country.The wookwork on the stairs looks exequisite, there is a 3D television in the corridor that is utilized to show the motion picture of how the cash appeared, the gallery additionally offers a bistro outside that is notable for the tidbits and the espresso that is served there.You can visit the historical center from 9 am to 6 pm and there is no passage fees.The building is made fantastic with the gigantic and cut entryways, Cornthian Colomns,the glass window and the roundabout glass vault, the sparkly floor tiles looks fabulous.Its an astonishing spot to invest energy and pick up information.