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Nine Arches Bridge Ella

Nine Arches Bridge is situated in the Ella, Central province of Sri Lanka. It was built in 1921, and it is constructed entirely out of rock, brick, and cement without a single piece of steel. It connects the amazing Demodara railway station with the beautiful Ella railway station.

If you look up when standing below the bridge, you can see the sky among the arches. Therefore The nine arch bridge also called “ The Bridge Of The Sky ”. It has been designed over 3100 feet above sea level, with 25 feet in width, 80 feet in height, and 300 feet in length.

About the Nine Arches Bridge Ella

Nine Arches Bridge has not used a single piece of metal for its construction. This is because Nine Arches Bridge has been built in the time of World war I, and at this time, there has been a lack of steel due to its high use of steel for weapons and other necessities. As a result, the Nine Arches Bridge has been built by the locals using only cement, brick, and rock.

History of the Nine Arches Bridge

It is stated that there was once a drummer and devil dancer named P.K. Appuhami in Sri Lanka. After losing a competition while he was going home, he was seen by a foreigner who was terrified of his devil clothes. Later they have become friends and have shared the idea of establishing a railway between Demodara and Ella. However, they were short of steel, but Appuhamy took over the project stating that he will construct it. He then succeeded in completing it with the locals with a fraction of the cost and within a year while establishing the bridge on nine large rocks, thus naming it as Nine Arches Bridge.

The English didn’t believe his achievement and doubted the strength of the bridge, but Appuhami said that he would stand under the bridge when it is first being used. He fulfilled his promise, and as a token of the gift, he got the remaining money that was supposed to be used on the bridge. Thus he took home four carts of silver coins and gave each man in his village a coin.

How to Go to Nine Arches Bridge in Ella

From Colombo

Get on the Katunayake Expressway from Darley Road. Take Southern Expressway. Follow Colombo – Galle – Hambantota – Wellawaya Highway to Wellawaya-Ella-Kumbalwela Highway and drive to your destination in Uva Province.

From Bandarawela

Take Bandarawela-Poonagala-Koslanda Road. Continue on Bandarawela – Badulla Road, Beragala-Hali Ela Highway. Continue on Ella- Passara road and drive to your destination.

Train arrival times to the Nine Arches Bridge​ Ella

  • Towards Demodara: 6.10 am, 1.35 am, 3.20 pm, 5.35pm, and 6.35 pm
  • Towards Ella: 6.30 am, 9.15 am, and 11.55 am