The Ravana Caves

The Ravana Caves

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The Ravana Ella Caves is a legendary historical site. Situated on a cliff close to Ella it is 4,950 feet above sea level. This cave consists of a part of the tunnel which is connected to the Ravana Ella Falls. Tales say that King Rama of India had a beautiful wife Queen Sita.

King Ravana kidnapped Queen Sita and brought her to Sri Lanka confining her to these caves. These tunnels gave ample access to quick and undisrupted travel and were the perfect gateway for King Ravana. The myth and reality of this epic story revolved around Ella. It is further believed that strong ties existed between Ravana and Ella.

Away from the myth of reality of this story, the cave indeed has a wonderful experience behind its existence and is known by the locals as the “Rawana Guhawa”. This cave is now situated close to the Ella town A walk toward the cave will reveal man-made steps that disappear at the entrance to the cave and thereafter railings are provided to climb into the cave. The climb is steep hence the climb is not recommended for the elderly.

It is an experience that you will cherish. Once inside the cave, it is as if you are transported to the time when Queen Sita was held captive within its historic walls.

Ticket Price: Rs 150

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