Upper Ravana Falls

Upper Ravana Falls

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Upper Ravana Falls

The area of Ella has two beautiful waterfalls, the most admired waterfall being the one that is situated in Ella  – Wellawaya Road. Tourists, as well as locals, refer to this waterfall as the Ravana Waterfall. The waterfall which is above the Ravana Falls and is not visible to the road is called the Upper Ravana Falls  as well as Kithal Ella Falls. The height of this waterfall is about 25m.

About the destination

The Upper Ravana falls is said to the be the ‘real’ Ravana Ella waterfall, meaning it is the original one and it holds some significance as it is in close proximity to the Ravana Cave where Queen Sita was said to have been held captive. This waterfall can be seen between the Ella and Kithal Ella Railway stations.

The uniqueness is, that the Upper Ravana Ralls offers a breathtaking view for visitors with a wonderful and stunning 360-degree view. The Ravana Falls is divided into two parts:  the Ravana Falls and the Upper Ravana Falls. Though the Ravana Falls is a risky place to bath, villagers say the Upper Ravana Falls is less risky. This waterfall is in her full flow only during the rainy season. So, make sure it is the rainy season that you visit this beauty, not to be disappointed.

Reaching the destination

From Ella

If you are coming from Badulla-Bandarawela Road, a couple of hundred meters away from the Ella junction and about 150 meters before the tunnel, where the rail track crosses the road from above, you will find a road to right called Kithal Ella road. Travel along this road for about 1-2 km and you will see the Ravana Falls at a distance on the left.

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