Upper Ravana Falls

Posted on February 22, 2019
Upper Ravana Falls

The area of Ella has two beautiful waterfalls, the most admired waterfall being the one that is accessible from the Bandarawela – Wellawaya Road. Tourists, as well as locals, refer to this waterfall as the Ravana Waterfall. The waterfall which is above the Ravana Falls and is not visible to the road is called the Upper Ravana Falls (Height: 25m).

The Upper Ravana falls is said to the be the real waterfall, meaning its original one and it holds some significance as it is in close proximity to the Ravana Cave where Queen Sita was said to have been held captive. This waterfall can be seen from the Ella Railway station and between the Ella and Kithala Ella Railway stations.

The uniqueness is that the Upper Ravana Ralls offers a breath-taking view and great bathing opportunities for visitors with a wonderful and stunning 360-degree view. The Ravana Falls is divided into two parts; the Ravana Falls and the Upper Ravana Falls. Though the Ravana Falls is a risky place to bath, villagers say the Upper Ravana Falls is less risky.

Photo Credit : Anuradha 

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