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About Wangedigala:

Wangedigala is a well-known hiking spot, especially among the locals. Wangedigala located in Kalupahana, Badulla district, Uva province of Sri Lanka. Wangedigala is a rock peak that extends to mountains named Wangedi-kanda, Balatuduwa and then reaches Gonmolliya. Gonmolliya is approx. 2,034 meters high and is the 14th highest mountain in the country. The name ‘Wangedigala’ refers to a pestle in Sinhala, and this name calls this mountain due to its shape of the peak resembling a pestle.

How to reach the Wangedigala Kanda:

From Belihuloya, you need to travel approximately 14km along the Colombo – Batticaloa Highway & then about 3.2km along the Kalupahana – Ohiya Road to reach Wangedigala. There are several points to start the hike, but the Kalupahana Black and White bridge route is the easiest and fastest way.

Best time to visit Wangedigala and Weather conditions:

Climbing up Wangedigala is quite challenging, with a steep climb clinging on to tree branches. When following the walking paths, you might notice that some parts of the trail even had vanished. Wangedigala is popular for hiking given its cool climate; however, during some parts of the year, on the way, you might have to see dried-up streams, slippery and dry paths, and experience high temperature. Therefore, it is essential to pack up necessary things to prevent you from turning weary.

Hike to Wangedigala:

Lots of effort is required to hike in Wangedigala due to its height and climate in the surroundings. Hikers need to pass through sloppy and steep mountain covered with pine needles. However, the weariness and the silence are continuously disturbed by the sounds of birds whistling from the surrounding forests. Hiking through the forest of Wangedigala Kanda gives hikers amazing views of the surrounding areas, including the Bambarakanda Falls and Lanka Ella Falls and all the way to Ohiya.

  • Get a local guide from the village or book a professional guide
  • Carry at least 2ltr of water for each person since there is no water source after the stream near the bridge at starting point.
  • Start early morning so you can do Wangedigala & Wangedigala Kanda
  • Bring all the polythene and plastic you take if possible bring down whatever the polyethene plastic which other put without thinking the nature

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