Yapahuwa Rock Fortress

Yapahuwa Rock Fortress

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Yapahuwa Rock Fortress is located 147 km away from Colombo, in the Kurunegala District, Kurunegala – Anuradhapura Road. Though this fortress is not famous among many tourists, the rock fortress holds vital importance in the history and cultural heritage of Sri Lanka for its astonishing architecture.

During the reign of King Buvanekabahu I, the son of Parakramabahu, yapahuwa was used as the capital, and at one time Yapahuwa housed the tooth relic for over 11 years. Due to many invasions once the city was abandoned the monks used the premises for monastic practices.

As you enter the Yapahuwa rock fortress premises, the dry howling wind will caress on your body and howl away. It’s a nice blend of nature and civilization. The carvings and the architectural artifacts are the pride and glory of the creators of the Yapahuwa rock fortress. Furthermore, it also the home to Sri Lanka’s first and only lion sculpture with Chinese features.

The most remarkable masterwork remains to be the ornamental stairway that was used to conduct the royal palace. Surrounding the beautiful architecture with breathtaking beauty enriches the walk to the top of the hill. rambling jungle, rolling hills, and sunbathed rocks combine to create a picture-perfect tableau. Unlike Sigiriya, however, the palace was not constructed at the summit of the 91-meter flat-topped crag but on a lower level. Meanwhile, evidence suggests that the settlement on the rock was more urban than rural.

It’s recommended to wear the rights cloth and footwear, and clothing as the sun is scorching. As there are stairs carved from stone, it is not that hard to reach the top, and however, once you reach the top of the summit, the fortress is designed in a manner to identify and target even far in advance. Furthermore, as you ascend the mountain, you will be able to get a panoramic view of the Yapahuwa Kingdom.


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