The Ultimate Guide to Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

The Ultimate Guide to Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

Rated one of the best places in the world to see the majestic Blue Whale, have a read to see your best options to go whale watching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an enchanting little island which boasts of a number of prominent attractions. A tour in this magical country will give you plenty of opportunities to discover bliss. The island nurtures many beautiful species of flora and fauna. The glistening blue waters of the Indian Ocean which surrounds the island of Sri Lanka also has many incredible beings.

Whale watching tours in the paradise island are arranged to give people the chance to witness the incredible beauty of whales and dolphins. These tours can be arranged throughout the year in different parts of the country so you will always be able to indulge in this experience.

The article below provides some information about whale and dolphin watching tours in the country.

Where can you see whales in Sri Lanka?

Best Places in Sri Lanka for Whale Watching Tour

Whale watching tours are popular among visitors to Mirissa and Trincomalee. Mirissa is a beautiful little coastal town which boasts of incredible beaches. It is located in the southern coast, between the famed cities of Galle and Matara. You can reach the town of Mirissa in 40 minutes from Galle. From the commercial capital of Colombo, one can reach the town in 4 hours. There are plenty of great hotels in Mirissa so it will be easy for you to enjoy an early morning tour while indulging in supreme comforts.

Trincomalee is also one of the cities which offer the thrills of whale watching tours. It is a major port city in the northeast coast of Sri Lanka. You can reach this city in two hours from the famous village of Sigiriya in the Cultural Triangle. It takes about 5 hours to reach this city from Colombo. Here too one will find a myriad of hotels and resorts which offer comfortable accommodation for various budgets.

There are lots of great tour operators in both these areas offering delightful whale and dolphin watching expeditions.

When can you see whales in Sri Lanka?

The Best Time You can See Whales in Mirissa & Trincomalee

As it was mentioned earlier, whale watching tours can be arranged in Sri Lanka throughout the year. The best time to enjoy a whale watching tour in Mirissa is between the months of November and April. The best time to embark on whale watching tours in Trincomalee is between the months of May and September. December, January and April are the best months to enjoy a whale watching expedition in the country.

When is the Whale Watching seasons in Trincomalee?

What Type Whales I Can See?

Type of Whales in Sri Lanka

Whales are warm blooded marine mammals of giant size. They are found in all the oceans of the world. 80 species of whales exist in the world. 26 species of whales have been recorded in the waters that surround the little island of Sri Lanka. Some of the species that you will get a chance to spot during whale watching tours are, blue whale, humpback whale, fin whale, killer whale, minke whale, sperm whale, pygmy sperm whale, dwarf sperm whale, short-finned pilot whale, false killer whale, southern bottlenose whale, Bryde’s whale, melon headed whale and Cuvier’s beaked whale.

How much is whale watching Tour Cost in Sri Lanka?

A whale watching tour in Sri Lanka will average between 35 and 50 USD. You will have to get in touch with a reputed tour operator if you want to have a tour arranged. The hotel that you are staying at will be able to assist you to find a good tour operator in the region.

Passenger Type
Local passenger
Starting LKR. 2500/=
Foreign passenger
Starting US$ 50 ($ 30 USD for the trip + $ 20 USD governmental fees & taxes )
Children (6- 12 years – Local)
Starting LKR. 1500/=
Children (6- 12 years – Foreign)
Starting US$ 30
Children (below 6 years)(Local & Foreign)
Free of charge
04 hours ( Depend on the Sea Condition duration will be vary )

Diving with Whales in Sri Lanka

How about actually swimming / freediving with it? You can do that and more in Sri Lanka. The Blue whale can reach a length of close to 30m!!! Sri Lanka is one of the only places on earth where consistent and reliable Blue whale sightings happen year round.


Things you need to know and prepare for the Whale Watching Tour

Needless to say you should take seasick pills on the morning of the tour! You will be able to enjoy the tour in comfort this way. Take additional pills with you if you are prone to seasickness. Most of the tours start in the early morning hours and the winds can be rather chilly at this time. So bring along extra layers of clothes as well. You should bring your camera with extra batteries so it will be easier for you to capture sensational shots as the whales part the waters and surf. Bring covers for your camera as well since the sea spray can easily damage equipment. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunhats too! Lather on some sunscreen before you get in the boat and you will be able to stay protected from the harmful rays of the burning sun.