What are the Waterfalls in the Knuckles Mountain Range?

What are the Waterfalls in the Knuckles Mountain Range?

The enchanting beauty of Knuckles Mountain Range can really take your very breath away! It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the paradise island of Sri Lanka.

During your delightful adventure in this incredible mountain range, you will come upon a number of gorgeous waterfalls. The article below provides details about these magnificent waterfalls.

01. Duwili Ella

Tangalle Beach Sri Lanka

Rocky shores of western Tangalle

Duwili Ella is a popular waterfall located in the Knuckles Mountain Range. Keep in mind that the trek which brings you to the site can be quite challenging so be sure to plan and prepare well for it. This waterfall is also known as Walawe Ganga Falls. The beauty of this waterfalls lies in the spray of water which sparkles in the sun like icy droplets of mist. The name Duwili Ella itself refers to this unique feature. Duvili in Sinhala means dust. The spray of the falls truly looks like a brilliant white sheet of dust from the distance.

02. Dumbara Ella

Train Ride To Ella

The train traverses lush tea covered hills

Dumbala Ella, or Dumbara Falls is yet another beautiful waterfall which you can visit while exploring the territories of Knuckles Mountain Range. The waterfall has a height of 20 meters. It shines like a silver snake between ebony rocks, creating a picture perfect vista. At the foot of the waterfall you will find a beautiful cave which can accommodate up to 8 people. In the pool that is created at the base many beautiful species of fish thrive. Reaching the waterfall can be quite adventurous too as you have to traverse through thick jungles. So come prepared in comfortable clothes and shoes!

03. Huluganga Falls

Ruwanweliseya Anuradhapura

Most sacred Ruwanweliseya stupa was originally built in 140 B.C by King Dutugemunu

Huluganga Falls possesses breath-taking beauty and it will easily steal your heart. It is located in the border of the Knuckles Mountain Range. The waterfall can be reached with ease from the Kandy Town. The waterfall has a height of 75 meters and glistens like liquid silver. The locals living in the area treasure this waterfall as it is an integral part of their culture.

04. Thaliyawatuna Ella ( Alakola Ella )

Kandy City Sri Lanka

Sacred temple of the tooth is seen across the Kandy Lake

Thaliyawatuna Ella is a prominent waterfall in the Knuckles Mountain Range. This waterfall has a height of 50 meters. The waterfall is located in Alakola Estate and so it is also frequently called Alakola Ella. The intriguing name of Alakola is believed to have been given to this estate as this area was under the authority of a British planter named Allen Collen. Soon the area came to be known as Alakola as a derivation of this official’s name.

The road which leads up to the waterfall can be quite difficult, but once you reach the destination you will be enthralled by the sheer splendour of the surrounding region. Be sure to take your camera with you and take as many photos as you can!

05. Jodu Ella

Arugambay Surfing Scene 1

A-Bay is the surfing haven in Sri Lanka

Jodu Ella or the Twin Falls, as the name implies refers to two identical waterfalls that cascade alluringly. Both waterfalls are 45 meters in height. These waterfalls are also known as Bambarella Knuckles Falls. The waters cascade to the glistening Mahaweli River. The source of these beautiful waterfalls is the Moragaha River. In order to reach these waterfalls, you will have to travel on the Madawala-Panwila road for around 38 kilometres from the city of Kandy.

06. Sari Ella

Indigenous Sri Lankan Tea Picker Picking Tea

Picking tea leaves is hard work.

Sari Ella is yet another beautiful waterfall which adds charm to the territories of Knuckles Mountain Range. As you would have already guessed it, the waterfall takes the shape of a sari, which is the traditional costume of women in Sri Lanka. The graceful waterfall is truly breath-taking to behold!

07. Kotaganga Ella

Elephant Family In Udawalawe

Over 600 elephants call Udawalawe NP home

Kotaganga Ella is a cluster of glistening waterfalls, which you will find in Knuckles Mountain Range. There are 7 major segments in this waterfall which has a height that exceeds 100 meters. The waterfall lies deep in the jungle so it is impossible to reach it. One will also not be able to witness the grandeur of the full waterfall from any vantage point. This certainly intensifies the charm of the waterfall! If you are interested in reaching the major segments of the fall, you can embark on a trail from Thangappuwa. Be sure to partner with a reputed guide when you are taking this trail.

08. Lebanon Estate Falls

Sigiriya Lion Rock View

Sigiriya rock fortress (Lion Rock) viewed from Pidurangala

Lebanon Estate in Kandy is home to two glorious waterfalls. For some reason these waterfalls have not been named. Thus they are known simply as Lebanon Falls. The waterfalls have a height of approximately 30 meters.