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50 Mountains to Climb in Sri lanka

It is hard to imagine a small country like Sri Lanka packs such a vast geological diversity. A few hours travel can

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A Scenic Hike to Ohiya via Devil’s staircase - All roads lead to serenity

The scenic Devil’s staircase trail is a well-known secret among the adventure loving locals and foreigners as well.

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Ritigala Strict Nature Reserve (Herbal Garden)

Introduction Ritigala is one of the few high altitude forests, located in the dry zone of the island. It is

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Conquering the mist - Knuckles 05 peak hike via Bambarella

Knuckles forest as the English called it or “Dumbara” as early Sinhalese called it is an area spanning 21,000

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Paths to the Holy mountain (Sri Padaya) - Well-Trodden and Offbeat trails

Sri Pada is the holiest and most revered mountain in Sri Lanka. Having been a holy mountain, annually millions of

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