5 Unique East Coast Beaches in Sri Lanka

5 Unique East Coast Beaches in Sri Lanka

Are you a beach bum waiting to get that perfect suntan? Or are you perhaps planning a trip to the east coast for a de-stressing session by the beach?

Whatever reason it may be here are some of the most sought after and what one may call beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka (on the east coast, of course, because we are an island blessed with many!)

1. Kalkudah

Kalkudah Beach Sri Lanka

Fishermen are hard at work | Kalkudah | Photo Credit: Vladimir_Do

A 2-kilometre long palm-fringed beach with soft white sand. Visitors to the beach can witness a perfect blend of exhilaration and relaxation.

One can simply lay down on a hammock enjoying the breath-taking view, sip an invigorating drink listening to the rhythm of the waves, take an evening stroll with a perfect sunset in the backdrop or head right into the calming waters for a swim.

The waters of Kalkudah beach is quite shallow (about knee high) and is protected by an off-shore reef. If seclusion and a calm day out by the beach is on your list – head over to the Kalkudah Beach

Essential information
  • Distance: 32 km (from Batticaloa to Kalkudah Beach)  [Google Maps]  [Getting There]
  • Activities: Windsurfing, Water Skiing, Snorkelling, Diving
  • Best time to visit: August

2. Pasikudah

Pasikudah Beach Aerial

Aerial view of Passekudah bay area | Photo Credit: Røvin Shanila

Pasikudah has been a tourist hub post-war thanks to the development of many resorts and hotels as a means of boosting tourism.

Pasikudah beach is known worldwide to have one of the longest stretches of shallow reef making it possible to walk further into the water. The current compared to other beaches in Sri Lanka is quite less.

There are many accommodation options to try out in Pasikudah, but make sure to pick one closer to the beach!

Essential information
  • Distance: 31.2 km (from Batticaloa to Pasikudah Beach) [Google Maps] [Getting There]
  • Activities: Windsurfing, Water Skiing, Snorkelling, Diving
  • Best time to visit: August

3. Nilaveli

Nilaveli Beach Ariel

Turquoise waters and wide beach of Nilaveli | Photo Credit: Vithurshan.T

Essential information
  • Distance: 14.5 km (from Trincomalee to Nilaveli Beach) [ Google Maps ] [ Getting There ]
  • Activities: Snorkelling, Diving
  • Best time to visit: June – August

4. Arugam Bay

Arugambay Beach Sri Lanka

A clear day at A’Bay beach | Photo Credit: Thomas and Clay

Much-admired as one of the world’s top ten surf spots, a trip to A’Bay is not to be missed when in Sri Lanka. From advanced surfers to the beginners, there’s a surfing spot for all at Arugam Bay.

Bring out the adventurer in you. There are various surfing spots to try out, here are the most famous ones:

  • Whiskey Point: Located approximately 15 minutes away from Arugam Bay. If you’re a beginner, this is an ideal location for you. You’ll witness many first-time surfers testing the waves here.
  • Main Point: Located in Arugam Bay. The place to be if you are an intermediate or an advanced surfer.
  • Peanut Farm: Located 25 minutes away from Arugam Bay. A remote beach that is highly recommended.
  • Elephant Rock Wave Surfing: Located approximately 20 minutes away from Arugam Bay. Another great spot for beginners.
Essential information
  • Distance: 320 km (from Colombo to Arugam Bay) [Google Maps] [Getting There]
  • Activities: Surfing, Lagoon Safari, Visit National Parks
  • Best time to visit: May – September

5. Marble Beach

Marble Beach Trincomalee

Tranquillity in Marble beach | Photo Credit: Duminda Bandara

Located near Kinniya Bridge (longest bridge in the isle), Marble beach is a calm spot to spend some quality time with the family.

Wondering how it got the name? The golden sand reflects a marble-like texture when sunlight directly hits the beach.

It is maintained by the Sri Lankan Air Force. If you are also keen on nature, take a hike to the Diamond Hill enjoy a stunning view of the Trinco Bay at the summit.

One can also witness the remnants of 2nd World War along the way. From a beach escape to one step closer to nature; Marble Beach offers travellers a serene getaway in the East Coast of Sri Lanka.

Essential information
  • Distance: 17 km (from Trincomalee to Marble Beach) [Google Maps] [ Getting There]
  • Activities: Swimming, Boat Rides, Photography, Exploring Nature
  • Best time to visit: May – September

It’s time for your beach escape; pack your beach bag, swimsuit and plenty of sunscreen!

Have we missed something? Let us know in the comments…