Bopath-ella (Bopath-ella Waterfall)

Bopath-ella (Bopath-ella Waterfall)

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Bopath-ella (Bopath-ella Waterfall)

Taking the shape of a Bo leaf or a “Bo patha” (Ficus religiosa), Bopath falls lies in the village of Agalwatte in Kuruwita of Ratnapura district, Sri Lanka. Though this is only 30m in height, the unique beauty of the waterfall draws many travellers to this place, all year round.

About the destination

Kuru Ganga river, which later joins Kalu Ganga river plunges down in 3 steps to create this magnificent waterfall. The reason why this fall is very popular among travellers is how easily it can be reached from Colombo. This is said to be the most comprehensively studied waterfall in Sri Lanka. The rainfall in this area is usually very high and Kuru Ganga brings along a massive amount of water from Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, where the sacred Sri Pada mountain resides. Both falls is famous for flash floods and travellers have been trapped in small islands around the falls because you can never predict about the water of Kuru Ganga river.

When you park your vehicle at the parking point, you need to walk along the road to reach the entrance to the waterfall, where a ticket is issued. You can view the waterfall from there sitting on the stairs. If you feel that you need to get a better look since the view is partially blocked by massive bamboo trees, you can get on a small raft and get to the other shore, walk a few hundred meters and reach the base of the waterfall. This will be an enjoyable walk among tall and shady trees. The water level is usually low and it’s not risky to take the raft. The surrounding area is a sanctuary for tree life, and you will be surrounded by many giant tree species like attikka, midella, dun and ginihota. Don’t be surprised if you meet a wild boar or a meeminna deer in the area, since the jungle around the fall is home to them as well. If you look well in the water, you will get fascinated by seeing many species of fish, such as Bulathhapaya, Magura, Korali and eel.

Every beautiful waterfall has a tragic story and this beauty brings one such story as well. A young pilgrim from Colombo has visited here and has lost his way. A local village girl has given him shelter and before his departure, she has become pregnant. The young pilgrim who left her promising to return never did and the heartbroken girl plunged to her death from the top of the waterfall. Villagers say that her ghost, a floating blue light haunts the waterfall during certain times. Another story is that a treasure trove lies at the bottom of the waterfall and to retrieve it, one should sacrifice a thousand humans to the waterfall. When you visit Bopath falls, don’t forget to visit the rarely visited Dodam Ella, which resides a little further down the same road.   

Reaching the destination

From Colombo

Take Colombo – Batticaloa highway (A4) and reach Kuruwita. Take a left to Devipahala road from Kuruwita post office. Travel 3kms to reach your destination.

Alternatively, take Southern expressway, take Panadura – Horana highway (A8) from Gelanigama interchange and turn left to Gonapitiya road to reach Kuruwita. Take a left to Colombo – Batticaloa highway (A4) and turn right from Kuruwita Police station and join Devipahala road to reach your destination.

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