Kallebokka 360 Viewpoint

Posted on December 24, 2018
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Kallebokka 360 Viewpoint

Kallebokka 3600 viewpoint (height: 1,175m) became a trending destination after it was promoted by a certain TV programme. The summit is located right on the border of Matale and Kandy districts and shares the same ridge that forms Hathale min-worlds end and Hunnasgiriya mountain. The said ridge extends to the north and joins with western massif of Knuckles.

On a clear day, visitors can observe Central Highlands, Kandy City, Sembuwatte lake and Knuckles Mountains.

A Camping site and 02 estate bungalows are available for visitors to stay but need to be booked early. There is a half-finished Hindu shrine at the center of the flat summit and a hut made using sticks to enjoy the vistas. It’s better to visit in the mornings to enjoy the unobstructed views for mist tend to cover the area in the afternoons.

Getting There

location of kallebokka view point
The turning point to the peak is located in a small village called Kandenuwara. There is a huge signboard at this point so it’s hard to miss | View in Google Maps

The viewpoint is a privately owned property of  Kallebokka Plantations (Sri Lanka state plantations corporation) and can easily be reached via Kandy (32km) or Matale (26km).

Directions from Kandy

Katugastota ➡ Madawala ➡(Bambarella Rd) ➡ Madulkelle ➡ Kabaragala ➡Kandenuwara

[ Google Maps Directions ]

Directions from Matale

Driver down the Kandy road about 1.5 km and turn left to Kabaragala road.

Madulkelle ➡Kabaragala ➡ Kandenuwara

[ Google Maps Directions]

By Bus

Get to Wattegama and take the Kabaragala bus which will take you by the turning point.

Getting to the top

The road to the top is dilapidated and narrow. A 4wd vehicles would be ideal but Bikes and Three wheelers can also make the journey with some effort. Cars are not recommended and you can hire a tuk-tuk from this point for about Rs 1,000 – 1,500 for the roundtrip.

It’s an easy 1-2 hr hike (Elevation gain: ~300m) by foot so unless you’re with children or elderly,  It is a highly recommended experience.

Follow along the road about 2km and you’ll arrive into a small village where Kellebokke upper division estate workers reside. At the entrance, someone will come forward and issue your tickets. Tickets are priced at Rs 100/= per person. It is high time, however, they implement a proper ticketing operation since the current process looks a bit shady.

Once at the top enjoy the panoramic views and try to identify the giants surrounding the area. There’s a nearby peak you can hike up as well for better views. The top can be windy, chilly and heavily foggy so be prepared for such conditions.

By the way, there are no restaurants at the premises so bring your own food. Make sure, however, to not leave any litter behind.

Some Essential information

  • Opening Hours : 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM
  • Entry fee: Rs 100/=
  • Telephone numbers for reservations (Camping site, bungalows) : 081-563 4911 / 081-563 3905
  • Kallebokka estate head office to book the campsite : 011-523 5187
  • Email: slspcke@bellmail.lk

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