Top 5 Things to do in Matara

Top 5 Things to do in Matara

Matara is a major city in Sri Lanka, on the southern coast of Southern Province, 160 km from Colombo.

Matara is one of the most prominent cities in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Panoramic beaches, incredible attractions as well as a charming culture are all here for you to discover and fall in love with. Your tour in this iconic city will surely be quite colourful and rich as there are plenty of things to do and see here. Read on and find out about the top five attractions in the city that you really should not miss!

01. Pigeon Island Matara

Known as “Paravi Duwa” (පරවී දුව පන්සල )

Featured photo credit: Sahan Perera.

This is a charming destination which should certainly be included in your travel itinerary! The picture perfect beauty of this place will surely blow your mind. There is a hanging bridge which connects the bridge to the mainland. The experience of walking on this beautiful bridge itself is quite enchanting. It offers incredible views of the oceans so be sure to pause and pose for a photo! Once you reach the island and reach the zenith of the rock, you will be rewarded with more spectacular views. The island also has a beautiful temple named Matara Paravi Duwa Temple. You should visit this temple too when you explore the enchanting territories of the island.

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