Knuckles Duwili Ella Falls

Knuckles Duwili Ella Falls

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About Knuckles Duwili Ella Falls:

Knuckles Duwili falls is situated at center of Knuckles-Kalupahana. This waterfall is a branch of Knuckles Kalu Ganga that starts from the drop of Wamarapugala, joining with Naran Getta and Naran Athha Oya to form Kalu Ganga. Reaching the destination to watch such a beautiful waterfall is not easy. The admirer has to take a long hike through the Knuckles Mountain range, walk through rough patches and spend considerable time and effort to reach the location of Duwili Ella falls. There are 12 waterfalls in Duwili falls collection, and there is also a cave behind the fall which can be used as a camping site. Therefore, a trip to Duwili Ella falls is a nice, adventurous, hiking and camping experience to a traveler.

How to reach the Destination:

There are 4 popular trails to reach the location of the waterfall. However, they are of different length and different level of difficulty for hiking.

  • Matale ➡ Rattota ➡ Pitawala ➡ Atanwala ➡ Walpolamulla ➡ Weddahena Oya ➡ Duwili Falls
  • Matale ➡ Rattota ➡ Pitawala ➡ Illukkumbura ➡ Rambukkoluwa ➡ Weddahena Oya ➡ Duwili Falls
  • Matale ➡ Rattota ➡ Pitawala ➡ Illukkumbura ➡ Pallegama ➡ Ranamure ➡ Kanumulla ➡ Duwili Falls
  • Kandy ➡ Wattegama ➡ Bambarella ➡ Lebanone Estate ➡ Rathnagiriya Estate ➡ Kalupahana ➡ KMP Vadiya (Hut) ➡ Duwili Falls
  • Due to the adventurous nature of hiking, it is advisable to visit this waterfall only with the support of a guide.



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