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Kurullangala lies in the area of Karandagolla which is a part of the Ella in the Badulla District. It is difficult to reach the top, but once you are there you will see beautiful structures of cave art that are set in such a breathtaking view that makes you wonder whether you are in that era at that time. The intricate drawing that has been done to precision consists of large birds, peacocks, forms of humans and rock art that cannot be identified and all this is supposed to be over 5000 years old.

The trek to the peak of the summit starts through the virgin jungles which are accessed from the Ella Wellawaya main road. The terrain through the jungle is flat except for the roots and vines of the large trees. After traveling a few kilometers, the terrain begins to change into a minutely rocky to a steep climb. With the help of the roots and the vines of the trees, you should start to ascend the top of the summit. But be aware that an individual who’s a novice at climbing and hiking should be assisted or be accompanied by an individual who is experienced in climbing as this rock has steep vertical ascends.

Please note that this is a risky hike that involves rock climbing. Please accompany a knowledgable guide and necessary climbing equipment like ropes and harnesses.

The large area of rock surface has the drawings spread out like a blanket and some of them have been drawn way too high up the rock that it is absolutely impossible to reach. However, these drawing have gone through the test of time in nature and have faded away. At some places, layers of rock have broken, but the beauty of the past still lingers.

There is a mystery behind the paintings as they have been drawn extremely high above and there is an area where bird paintings have been discovered on the Pettigala Rock. There is a myth that this place was used as a fortress.

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