Namalanga Viharaya

Namalanga Viharaya

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Namal Anga Raja Maha Viharaya is a and well-known place in Sri Lanka. It is situated in Kurunegala district, 2km from Melsiripura town on Dambulla to Kurunegala Highway. This is a beautiful place that you shouldn’t miss.

How to get there:-

  • If you are traveling from Kurunegala you will pass Gokkarela as you go further for 2 km the temple will be on your right-hand side.
  • There’s a beautiful scenic paddy field in between the road leading up to the temple. You have ample space to park the vehicles and if it is not a poya day( full moon) or weekends mostly the temple is not crowded.

Public Transportation:-

  • Buses are available in this location.

Opening hours:-

  • The place is open 24 hours around.

About the destination:-

The best is to start the tour by climbing the small mountain peak where there is a standing Lord Buddha statue, the temple believed to have over 2000 years long history, the modern records lead it to the Kandyan era. The modern temple was build and head by the most venerable Udakandawala Premarathana Maha Nayaka Thero.

As you climb and see the Standing Lord Buddha Statue there is a pathway and a connecting bridge to the temple. Once you enter the main temple area you can start your visit by paying homage to the Bo tree and then you can make your way into the temple. The temple was constructed in late 1960 and still, many additional attractions are been added for the worshipers to pay respect. The Sitting Lord Buddha statue, The Sleeping Lord Buddha Statues, The Lord Buddhas of the Maha Badra Kalpaya, and Jathaka tales with “suwiseshi wiwarana” are some of the artistic and religious things you will see in the main temple. Also as you go out of the main temple there is a Stupa and a rock Lord Buddha statue as well as small viharas that showcases Thai and Cambodian Lord Buddha statues.
One of the main attractions of the temple is the dramatic underground hell which is built under the main temple.

Special notes:-

  • You have to wear modest clothing and you should remove any footwear and headwear before entering the premises.
  • This one of the best modern-day temples which was built by the great vision of the Nayaka thero and this place is a must to visit if you are passing by the area.