Okanda Devalaya (Skanda Devalaya)

Okanda Devalaya (Skanda Devalaya)

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Okanda Devalaya (Skanda Devalaya)

Okanda Devalaya (Skanda Devalaya) is situated in Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka. This place is also a famous surfing place as well as many people come to this place to seek blessings and penance for their daily lives to prosper.

About the destination

Okanda Devalaya (Skanda Devalaya) is a hamlet in other words a Hindu Kovil that is situated in the Ampara district in Sri Lanka. The temple is devoted to the famous god named Skanda who is a prominent figure in Sri Lanka’s religious and cultural history. The best time to visit this place is during June or July because at this time it is filled with pilgrims who take part in the Padayatra(“foot pilgrimage”).

History of Okanda Devalaya (Skanda Devalaya)

Okanda Devalaya (Skanda Devalaya) has a very long history. It is believed that the Skanda god first sailed to Sri Lanka in a golden boat which turned into a rock namely “Ran Oru Gala” when he came ashore. There is also a temple which is not far away that is venerated by all the seafarers who are about to hit the waters and those who return after a safe journey back from the sea.

Important points to keep in mind

When visiting Okanda Devalaya (Skanda Devalaya) make sure to dress modestly such as to cover your arms and legs. You have to pay respect to the religious and beliefs and remove your footwear upon entering the place.

Reaching the destination

From Colombo

Go on McCallum Road and turn right onto Kynsey Road. Then turn right onto Athurugiriya Road. Turn right onto Southern Expressway and take the exit from the Beliatta interchange. Turn right onto Wellawaya By-Pass and turn right onto Panama-Kumbukkana Road to reach your destination.

From Arugam Bay

Turn left onto Manal Road and turn right onto Panama-Kumbukkana Road to reach your destination.

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